Thursday, January 24, 2008

delivered poly suede slipcover

my first, and I have good news and regular news about that. No, I didn't take photos, it wouldn't have photographed well the good points, and it had good points.

the priority was cat claws, and I think we chose well for that. Another issue was wipeability, and I think we chose well for that.

As you know, there won't be any chance to press the final cover, and that is a hard thing for me to shake off.

My major concern is with maintenance, when air does not pass through it's a problem.

Air is expelled when we sit, and then the furniture is gasping for air when we get up. The poly sticks where our rear ends slid it to. That's the description, not a judgement.

In this case, I'd be happy to repeat the effort for the same priorities, as cat claws and need to wipe for cats is certainly a hard goal to plan for. The poly suede was very good for that.

Just a report that my old brain still has some flexibility.


Dede in Mass said...

As a thought for future jobs with fabric that doesn't breathe, what about vents in the backs of the cushions, or even #22 grommets? While this wouldn't address the slipcover overall, it would help the cushion issue - sitting on air, having the seams strain because air can't get out, etc.

shirley said...

I agree. The sucked prune look was everywhere though, and I am sure that's a over reacting feeling on my part and not a fact. The fact is that poly will predominate sooner or later, and yes, venting is the best option.