Monday, November 14, 2005

not avoiding anybody

just eyebrow deep in window treatments, don't ask me why.

Gonna start banding slipcover skirts, I certainly have it down now. Banded $11,000 worth of drapes this year, more coming in the door. Jeezzzzz

Fantasizing about glue basting slipcovers. Anyone who wants to receive and help critique photos depicting BROWN the week of jan 9th as they are put on a disc with paragraphs explaining Brown, let me know.

slipcoverlady at juno dot com.


Dede in Mass said...

Don't know how much help I can possibly be, but...

dede AT westvillagehome DOT com

Actually, you can use any prefix at all, not just "dede", and it will get to me.

Dede in Mass said...

Shiley - are you talking about banding attached with adhesive? Is this type washable?

Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

hmm...........earlier post didn't " take ".

no, I am banding only non washables. The idea of washing had not even occurred to me.

banding is purty high fallutin' for washables. Hard to do too....