Monday, November 21, 2005

looking for some feedback

what's the most you could hope to upcharge for lining a slipcover ?

express as a percent, and whether you'd add materials atop that.

what would make you offer or try to do this ? what circumstances ?

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K from WA said...

I am happy to comment about lining slipcovers.

I prefer not to. :)

Why? Simple because if I or a customer is planning to wash a slipcover to unlike fabrics will not respond in the same way.

Now if we are not washing it, that is a different animal.

I prefer to make under garments which are separate to go under slipcovers.

Charge????? Time and materials for either method.

%? I love this questions? %75 added on, but then the fabric for me has a lot to do with the charging.

Happy Thanksgiving