Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Serging Poll

1. Do you serge your seams?

a) No.
b) Always - it is built into my price.
c) As an option (with upcharge) only.

2. If you DO serge, do you:

a) Serge completed seams (requires industrial serger).
b) Serge pieces before stitching.
c) Serge as slipcover is sewn (Karen's Method)


Karen said...

1. b) It is built into our pricing

2. c)none of the above we serge as we sew the slipcover together

Dede in Mass said...

Oops - I left that one out (it was in my original notes; sorry...)

Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

I serge single layer prior to joining all washables, built into price ( never optional ).

I serge most all other things as well, again not offered as optional, my convenience, my way. Single layers. Keeps my shop cleaner.

Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

I guess what led me to change my long etsablished habit of " getting by " with not overlocking is the trend in fabrics toward the more fraying type.

If you have lots of things lying cut, you'd have no sanity without it.

Claudia in AZ said...

I serge everything and use Karens method.
Shirley-Glad to see you made it home safe sound! Good seeing you again.

Tessy/OH said...

1. a
2. c

Tessy/OH said...

I meant to answer a for question 2.

First I serge before washing if washing. Then I serge at the end. I am too nervous to serge until the end. Just in case I need to make any adjustments.

Dede in Mass said...

Hi Tessy,

You serge at the end, so... do you use an industrial serger? What kind?

Inquiring minds need to know! :)

Tessy/OH said...

HI Dede!

My serger is the only industrial equipment I own. It is a Union Special 4 thread.