Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Scallop skirt- overlay- multi???

I am slipcovering a parsons chair and the woman( so called designer) wants a scallop skirt overlay( I think that's what it is called). The scallop will be around 5" deep and will have a dragonfly centered in each scallop. This is on top of a floor length ruffled skirt. Now I have never done a scallop anything. I think I know what to do but I don't know what to line the scallop with. There is not enough fabric to self line. The main fabric and scallops are done in a maroon and the ruffled skirt will be a blue check.

Question 2. How do the scallops meet in the corners? I am planning to have a scallop panel for each of the four sides.

Question 3. I have installed casters on the chair. How long do I make the skirt? Just to the top of the casters?


Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like quiet a project...

I am not sure where everyone else is. Shirley, Dee are you out there?

I have been gone for awhile teaching. Taking a deep breath before doing a class in Portland this weekend.

I will try to answer your question.

1) Not enough fabric to self line, then use something that is like in texture and weave. If you use a lining fabic it could sag and stretch in time.

I do have a trick when doing scallops, sewing it onto the lining fabric. Draw your pattern onto the face fabric, and then lay this fabric right sides together and sew, then cut out your long scallop piece.

2)I do make a scallop panel for all 4 sides (when I am cutting my sample pattern before cutting the real thing). As you know chairs are not square and the legs may not be evenly spaced in the corners of the chair.

Now that I have my sample I can cut the designer fabric front and sides into one piece I leave the back free to fit into that bigger piece.

3) The question for how long to make the skirt is what type of surface is this living on? No one is going to be laying on the floor to see the casters, right? For sure you don't want to roll over the slipcover. So make it short enough but not too short.

You do great work........ :)

When it is complete.... Share with us photos of your work



Tessy/OH said...

Thanks for the helpful hints Karen. I bought extra fabric for lining the scallops but I am still unsure about the skirt length. I will be unable to work on the slipcover for the next couple days. I am staying with my mother as she has just had surgery on a heel spur.