Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dumb question regarding pricing survey:

Does the base price for a given piece of furniture INCLUDE loose and semi-attached cushions? Or are they priced separately and ADDED to the base price?

Thanks - sorry, I should know this.



Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

you need to know how your local area prices this...I know I can get a range that's 480-520 for six cushion sofa.

Dede in Mass said...

Shirley - thanks, but does that price include the six loose cushions?

Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

yes, all inclusive.

what the local area habits are, you need to know. They may quote without pick up and delivery and without overlocking. WE are historically low here.

Karen in WA said...

The price summary which you requested from me I think has pricing in two way.

Some folks charge for the body then the cushions.

I do a whole unit price. Cushions are included in the price for labor.

Fabric is always separate, as I charge sales tax where I am for that.

K with SA

Dede in Mass said...
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Dede in Mass said...

Oops... didn't mean to delete. Let me try again:

Thank you both very much for your responses. I'm looking at the 2004 Price List Summary now - it's just not clear to me which it is, but I'm probably not reading it properly.

For example, I need to provide an estimate for a loveseat with two box cushions and two knife edge cushions. Average base price for four cushion loveseat = $398.42. When folks were filling out the survey, was it clear which pricing structure they used? - base price INCLUDES loose cushions or DOESN'T include loose cushions (?)

Anyway, that's what I meant - sorry to be so dense. :-(

Tessy/OH said...

Hi Dede!

The price includes the box cushions.

Dede in Mass said...


Thanks, Tessy! This has been driving me crazy (and I don't have far to go...) :)