Wednesday, April 27, 2005

We missed all of you who were unable to attend this year’s Slipcover Summit in Tampa. It was an awesome opportunity to learn some new techniques and learn from each other the many different ways to do things.

Next year’s Slipcover Summit will be in June in Phoenix, and even though it is more than a year away we want to start planning for it now. The workshops that are offered are determined by what you, as slipcover professionals and as those who are new to slipcovering, want to learn. You may have heard of some of the classes that were offered this year. A few of the topics covered included cutting double on half, using zippers and other closures, taking better photographs, the business of slipcovering, cushion fillings, washing fabric, covering a headboard.

So, please let us know if there is any topic that you would like to see offered next year in Phoenix. Just post your suggestions here so that other people can benefit from reading your great ideas and start thinking of what they would like to see offered.

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