Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Shirley, I never offered foam before so I never really thought about foam. Then the EZ-Dri guy (not a rep, more of a researcher) scared the ____ out of me, stressing that outdoor foam doesn't meet California fire code, is not rated for interior use, is especially flammable because of the open air cells, etc., etc. I was perfectly happy when I picked up the phone to order, confident I was offering the most appropriate foam to the customer - I was practically shaking when I got off.

As far as I know, only California has fire regs for residential foam. And since all untreated foam is flammable, I'm not really sure why the guy felt the need to scare the pants off me. A quick call to the Fire Marshall straighted everything out: it's not illegal to use outdoor foam inside a private home and I am not liable for its flammability.


I think I need cheesecake...

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