Thursday, September 09, 2004

Eeeeeeek!!!! I had to tell someone... I have my first REAL JOB! Not a neighbor/friend/relative - a REAL CLIENT! Window seat cushion from scratch, COM. I vastly undercharged her (limited fabric: if I charge too much I WILL make a mistake - yeah, my brain isn't screwed on too tight...), and I told her I wouldn't charge for cutting the foam if she provided a pattern.

I'm using Dri-Fast reticulated (outdoor) foam - she has a very old house (1820) with mildew problems, and this stuff is anti-fungal, promotes good air flow, and discourages dust mites. I love this foam AND it can be purchased directly from the manufacturer with NO piece minimum at MUCH lower cost than from a wholesale distributer. (Hmmm... Karen, would this be a good article topic for a later edition?)

Dede, still floating :D

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