Wednesday, September 15, 2004

AS far as the foam guy goes, you gotta figure you cannot predict why people say what they say at any given moment. Who knows ?

I do keep calm by asking myself what would they get if they shopped somewhere else. That takes care of cheap, fast, and perfect. Scratch them off the list. Flameproof without having asked for it and without shopping specifically for the stuff that makes it flameproof is another.

Many of us come from another job background where perfect was more important. Here, we do the best we can do with the info, the materials, the budget, and with what we know today. Tomorrow we might do it better, but sometimes it gets delivered today.

Dede, I know you will do your best to do what you can, and it will be as well done as it can be.

Thirty some years of this, and not one thing leaving my house is perfect. It's darn good for the price, it's not perfect. I give them value, choices. I give them pleasant association, a trusting relationship, and service that they won't get at a store. It's not flawless it, it's just better.

Look at what you are making now as better then the last thing you made, that's progress, and it's realistic. Good that you think flameproof, think safety, absolutely. We don't create danger where it's avoidable. Good that you asked. I hope you can let go of the visual image, and the dread here. We do what we can with what we are given and the skills we have accumulated thus far.

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