Monday, May 18, 2009

Thank You to Slipcover Network in Atlanta

Thanks to each one of you for ALL you did to keep the Slipcover Network Booth open and informative over three days.

Special thanks to Rusty for setting up/tearing down the Booth and conducting the slipcover demonstrations. Shrunda did a wonderful job staging the booth and printing more Slipcover Network business cards for us to hand out. Jessica did a great job keeping us entertained and seeking out the locals to refer to each of us from Atlanta. Jackie came in on Friday and helped to hold down the booth until closing. In Addition, thanks to Sade, Rusty's assistant, for her help in the booth on Thursday.

I felt we all made some new friends within the booth and learned something from each other.

Thanks again and I hope our paths cross again in the future.

Julie S. Culpepper
Coordinator of Slipcover Network Atlanta


Angie said...

Great job Julie and what a great looking bunch you guys are. Hope you had fun!


K from WA said...

The Slipcover Ladies were honestly enthusiastic and we met a lot of people - especially considering that the overall turnout for the show was a bit down this year. And I did have fun - although working only with women is, well, it's the way it is in the business and I've come to accept it. LOL! I do miss the jokes. When I worked at The Halls Slipcover Company, the cutters that I worked with - that's what we were called "back in the day" - were all men and at days end we'd return to the shop to drop off the jobs and have a few beers. Somebody always had a new joke or two. Clean jokes, too. NOT. Women don't seem to do that. Mars and Venus. Whatcha gonna do. They do smell nicer... : )
Well, speaking of women, there are several that are not going to be amused if I don't get back to work.