Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cushion Classes at the Slipcover Summit

Kim Newell

Will be teaching Cushion Classes at the Slipcover Summit in
Seattle, WA.

Build a Cushion from Scratch

Learn what to use, and construction methods to create the comfort and appearance desired in a cushion. From window seats to depression era chairs, we'll talk about foam, inner springs, down, and more.. register here today

Be able to ZIP through a cushion cover in 1 hour!Explore how to cut and sew a boxed cushion cover, to include installing a zipper, application of welt cord and how to align corners perfectly on every cushion style. Assembly line is the key!

Recommended for beginners and those having problems successfully sewing cushion covers in a timely manner. click here to register


Angie said...

This was such a good class and I learned many, many tips that helped me greatly. Cushions are my least favorite part of slipcovers, but now I can get them done faster, thanks to Kim's tips.

K from WA said...

Kim also brought all sorts of foam for people to take home.

I hope she can do that again.