Thursday, August 04, 2005

Need a name for a phenonemon. Maybe more than one name, I am trying to call it the same effect.

When a slipcover fails to hide the furniture underneath....what do YOU call this ?

Does coverage ( as bland and non descript as that is ) say it all, or does some phrase size it up better ?

What phrase says " good coverage ". I don't know one, that's why I am asking you all. I know what I want: the slipcover floats so well, it does not look supported by anything but air.

It's easy to say what's missing when it's right. It's not wrinkled, not bumpy underneath, doesn't beg the question " what's under there ? ". Worse, it's so obvious you don't have to ask~ hey! That's blue under there !

I am trying to wrap it all in one, but if you have a system of saying it differently, spill.

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