Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I do that all the time, cut the size piece I will need, plus what I expect it to shrink, plus what I may lose in fraying despite having overlocked.

the only hitch in this: holes open up in the washer on some fabrics.

See what shrinkage you can get by the washing method ( your usual ) with a small enough piece. Then, perhaps run a different test with a fresh piece to compare: soak in hot 20 minutes, then dry in hot, maybe more than once. Aggitate, just don't add soap.

Between the recoverable stretch and the shrinkage you DID get ( on the no soap test ) , and leaving them a tad bigger, you may be covered for all the allowance you'd need.

This is far preferable than discovering ( having washed with soap ) that picks open up ( holes where threads are joined in weaving ) and be short, having dedicated the positions of cuts, and nothing is then repositionable.

The CRDaniels is good for just one thing, no holes, ever. All other COM, I never use soap unless I have tons extra.

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