Thursday, March 03, 2005

Yes we are the ones who do the education. More people should consider the impact we make on our environment. Also the fabrics we work with should be kind to our health.
These are things to think about.

Jeanne, I loved the feel of the hemp and PET combination fabric. Though it is a little expensive at $24.90 it is a recycled product.

Again those of us who use these fabrics are the ones who need to talk about the impact.


Also, along the lines of educating the public--- I have a great comment from a friend regarding my endeavors to promote "Natural Slipcovers". She said even if I don't get a lot of business specifically for slipcovers from earth friendly fabrics I'll be doing my part to educate the "world" (she thinks big) about the importance of considering the environmental impact of your choices. (I like rationalizers!)

Now back to sewing up these sunbrella cushion covers that are giving off brillant blue lint so that I can stuff them into petro-chemical derived polyester and foam.....


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