Friday, February 18, 2005

Pointless vent to follow...

Just finished watching an episode of "Decorating Cents" on HGTV, in which a decorator does her mother's apartment living room ("for under $500").

(Imagine Mrs. Sofa Owner, who is watching this episode and thinking... "Hmm...")

Well, the decorator liked the style of her mom's couch, but not the color. Surprise! A custom slipcover (plus throw pillows) instantly appears in an interesting mix of color and texture (decorator points out the $50/yd fabric used sparingly here, less expensive fabric there, etc.) "for just $299". Yeah, $299. COM fabric only - $299. The fact that there even WAS a labor cost was not even mentioned. And if the decorator bought the fabric wholesale, even MORE unrealistic misinformation, since Mrs. Sofa Owner will be paying retail.

So, Mrs. Sofa Owner sees the episode and starts calling slipcover workrooms on Monday, looking for an "inexpensive way to freshen the look of her sofa." And is floored. "But... it's just a slipcover! It's not supposed to cost that much! "


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