Sunday, July 04, 2004

Just so you know, the older I get sometimes I actually get smarter. This was the first class I ever taught that got finished on time, all the points covered that were outlined, everyone bobbing their head smiling. It's not the lack of material, it was the hands on aspect of it that allowed me to cover what needed to be covered and made it clear enough to move on and tackle the next until it was done.

A far as I am concerned all my future classes will be hands on, the class seems to teach itself when it's planned that way.

Toward this end, anyone and everyone who can send me really bad fabric in the coming year, we can have alot of fun and good information from this. Really bad slipcover fabric, whatever the reason you found it to be such a nuisance. Not dirty or moldy please, just ridiculous. That will be a fun class for Tampa next April.

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