Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Double on Fast.... whoopie I can't Wait...

Thanks Dede will get this info out to all in the Slipcover Press in August too.

Thanks to all who attended and taught. It was a fantastic effort.

already scheming to twist your brain ( and your shorts ) for next year! These classes are the thought processes of people who do not work in the same state, and who learned alone as well. We will and must continue to bridge the explanations, and there's no limit to how many ways it can be said. At least one of them will hit the mark.

I am tinkering with " double on fast " . A set limit on the number of pins I let you use, a limit on tools available ( think Survivor )and yes, you and a team mate cut a slipcover in the class period ( with me watching the clock ). Slipcover Survivor T shirts anyone ? No tape measures, no rulers no tables, just fabric, scissors, chalk and pins.

You can always learn to take more time and more tools to do it. What will surprise you is how few you can get by with. Of course, we would practice of fabric with no value.

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