Monday, May 10, 2004

When I was in WCAA I paid $125 for the year, plus whatever the local chapter dues was. Maybe that is why the fee is different.

The group is mostly support from within the industry. You need to network to grow. Just networking within your industry will not help you reach out to others. If you are not doing window treatments, then the meetings could be boring sometimes.

It did help me network with others in the industry in other lines of work. But you could network in your chamber of commerece, or other network groups.

When you are with others who are in business, you treat your business like a business. If you belong to a group you should make it a point to attend, so you will get something out of it. Our group you use to refer one another, and pass on referrals.

HOpe that helps

Shirley, 2-year membership (WCAA national dues) is $185. Maybe that's what you paid for?

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