Monday, May 10, 2004

I have a question for people who primarily do slipcovers:

It's time for my yearly membership dues to Window Coverings Association of America (WCAA) - $85 for national (I think local is $40). I've been a member for exactly one year; I've attended ONE meeting (and that was as a guest, before I even joined) and ONE event (New England Table-Top Show, last summer). My membership guesstimate, based on that one meeting, is half workroom, half designer. Meetings are monthly: dinner at a restaurant, followed by old business/new business, then a presentation of some kind.

My question is... is it worth it? Do I really need to be a member to gain market exposure? (my schedule hasn't changed, so I don't expect to be attending too many meetings again).

I would really appreciate any opinions. I'm leaning toward not renewing the membership - can anyone convince me otherwise?

Thanks so much.

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