Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Official! 1st Place Slipcover Design Contest Winner

1st Place Winner Is Jeanne Liberkowski of Orlando, FL

Last summer I was approached by JT Thompson, owner of the historic Stetson Mansion in Deland, FL to do soft furnishings for the apartment over the Carriage House. the Mansion is open for tours and special events on the grounds. They wanted to make this room a bit more contemporary than the rest of the property, but still keeping with the style. This room can be used by brides in preparation for their wedding. My first thought was the Audrey Hepburn movie "Sabrina" with Humphrey Bogart and William Holden. Sabrina is daughter of the chauffeur to a rich corporate family. She and her father's quarters are in the carriage house/garage apartment. she is in love with the playboy son but eventually falls for the "good" son (Bogey). Anyway, JT wanted white and black furnishings in this blue room and needed accessories, cushions, window treatments and sofa. I designed the simple white cotton twill sofa slipcover with an unusual hem detail and 1/4" ribbon trim and buttons; and then I carried the same design through on the hobbled roman shades. The "chandelier" pillow is one I screen printed and is reversible--black on one side, white on reverse.

1st Place Winner Receives

Full admittance plus all supplies for classes to the 2012 Slipcover Summit ($400 value)
1 yr Directory listing and Slipcover Press (full Membership with the Slipcover Network $45 value) Photo of award winning slipcover will be showcased in publications of the Slipcover Summit and Slipcover Network, plus choice placement on the 2012 Slipcover Calendar.


angie said...

A stunning slipcover! And the pillow is to die for. Congrats Jeanne, look forward to meeting you in 2012.

Therese said...

This is SO perfect for the room! Congrats!!

K from WA said...

You did meet her Angie I thought in St Petes or AZ?

angie said...

Maybe at the workshop I held in my old space? That was long ago; don't remember.

Jeanne Liberkowski said...

Apparently I'm a little late answering these comments--but Thank you so much. Angie I met you at the wonderful summit in Arizona and am looking forward to next year's.