Saturday, November 06, 2010

Slipcover for a Recliner by Linda Perry Meeks

"The bottom part with buttons has a velcro loop strip that folds over and is fastened to velcro loop that I stapled on the back of footrest. The smaller part of the footrest that comes out is just a little cover that wraps around and velcros back onto itself. The rest of the cover (including the faux cushion) is all one piece."

Linda's website can be found at

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slipcoverstyle said...

wow, recliners are soooo difficult, and that one looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Outstanding!! What an incredible job! I've been afraid to tackle them for fear the material would prevent them from closing properly.

JC said...

Wow! What an incredible job. It is terrific. I've not tackled one before, so my hat is off to you!