Friday, April 03, 2009

Help - I Want New Fabrics to USE for Slipcovers!

I'm getting bored of my slipcover fabrics. So, I'm looking for some new ideas of fabrics to use for slipcovers. Most of my customers choose from my Carr Textiles selection (nice prices) or occasionally one of the other organic cottons/hemps I carry.

I have accounts with, and a few favorite slipcover fabrics from, J. Ennis, Kravet, Robert Allen, Artmark and Kasmir but since most of these companies specialize in pricey upholstery or drapery fabric it seems to me I have lots of books and nothing I want to sell.

Maybe I just have the end of winter blahs (or here in NC the beginning of summer blahs).
Anyone have a good source of textures like matelisse or anything else interesting?



Anonymous said...

Hi Jeanne,

I have mentioned Summerhouse textiles in the past. They have great textures. The fabric is pricey but I do not double the wholesale price because I really want to work with these fabrics. Everything is prewashed and beautiful. The lady who owns the company is really nice. She will send free samples.

Cozy Cottage Slipcovers
Check out her website

the drapery lady said...

Try Meyer Drapery Fabrics. Their prices are very reasonable and have a large selection.

Angie said...

Instead of trying to find new fabric accounts, I'm trying to find creative ways with our basic fabrics everyone wants.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Angie... I love using standard, tried-and-true fabrics but presenting them to the client in new and interesting ways. I've also been going outside of the fabric store and using other fabric mediums to make slipcovers. You want matelisse? Try using actual quilts or bedspreads. Partnered with basic duck for cording and skirt they can be stunning. I also like to up-cycle discarded blankets, garments, anything with usuable fabrics. These can be quilted or layered together to create the beginnings of a beautiful slipcover.