Sunday, March 01, 2009

Looking for Fabrics!

I am having a very hard time finding washable fabric for slipcovers. Right now I am looking for off-white cotton, linen, or hemp with textured slubs. Can anyone you help me?

Susan Burns
Custom Cottage Slipcovers


Angie said...

Susan, try for cottons and for hemp blends.


Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

This is a different source, not necessarily better, google Dharma Trading. Do test everything, do get bolt numbers so you can identify lots...lots are inconsistent. This undyed already bleached 7 ounce white canvas can be bleached by the end user. Washing ? requires your having tested it all, just so you know.

DJ said...

Have you checked out: They have WIDE washable fabrics, GREAT for slipcovers - and draperies. Plus they are non-toxic, non-iron, and over 100" wide.

Dede said...

Homespun no longer makes its own gorgeous textured fabric - not available anywhere.