Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Kim Needs Our Input.... Help

How to make a cushion to allow for the open shutters?

We decided to make a center cushion and then 2 bolsters. The picture with the shutters open doesn't show clearly - but with them open, the bolsters either have to sit over the edge of the seat, or sit on either side of the center cushion.

It's an ok solution BUT the bolsters don't really go with the mid century modern style of the rest of the furniture (The Knoll sofa is slipcovered!)

Initially I made them with no buttons to create a geometric look, but she didn't like that...

I added the buttons and that was better, but really she just doesn't like bolsters.

Can anyone see a creative solution for 2 side cushions that can be placed in a presentable and functional manner with the shutters open?

The center cushion must be used - can't start over from scratch.


pat Reese said...

I vote for throw pillows, make them down so they are nice and floppy. Make them the size outside the shutters, squared, or rectangles with that the longest side.

Maybe you can even recycle the bolster fabric for at least one side of them....

good luck!! Pat Reese

Pat Reese said...

I just looked at the photo again and realized the cushion does not fill the entire space by itself.

Maybe the bolsters could become squared or wedge shaped? Wedge shaped bolsters were very popular mid-century.

Pat Reese

Kim said...

Pat, can you give me a link to a wedge shaped bolster? Thanks for your comment.

Shirley Hendry Walsh said...

I too vote for 2 toss pillows at either end, squares, squishy...everything is very linear. What else can you do ?