Monday, April 14, 2008

Amy Walker NEEDs our Help with Fabric

I have a customer who wants microfiber for a couch. I have not sewn with microfiber before. What do I need to know and where do I get it?

Also, where are you getting your welt cord?

And, after coming to the sewing retreat I signed up with a few fabric companies but have yet to find anyone with cotton,linen or blends home decor weight fabrics.
I seem to have a lot of customers who want natural fibers. I want some simple and retro/modern type stuff. Does anybody work with these?

Thanks, Amy


K from WA said...

Microfiber... I sew with it all the time. It does not stretch, so beware. Tight weave with no give. If the furniture curves it could be difficult to work with.

Call Claudia or write here at She is a great source for microfiber.

What type of cotton are you looking for? Linen and blends consider going to They also have an affiliate program. You sign up and when your customer buys from you, you get 8% pay back.

I just returned from Atlanta and several organic fabrics there, but costly.

Jeanne are you out there, more about Cartex?


Therese said...
has Eco Linen and organics

Someone at another yahoo group mentioned this company has organic cotton, I didn't see it online, however; you can request samples from them- I asked for the organic cotton samples, we'll se what I get