Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Hi Karen, and all the gals out there I have met and will meet... finally made it ...who knew it took rocket science to sign in.... or probably a rocket scientist to do it.... the brain must have been in rest mode on my part.

Enjoyed every old and new friend..... tamales were a definite plus..
Felt like I ate the whole thing.... yum yum....

Enjoyed discussion with you Karen on the books with slips... it is an interesting exersize to take and see how another person saw a piece of furniture and their rendition of a cover.... then to try and figure out the rhyme and reasons for their choices.

working on wedding gown at the moment....for a wedding at the first weekend of May. Definetely more work and stress than a slipcover...
and the measurements are changing daily... Client is in the process of loosing weight.....

I am also taking apart my own sofa sleeper and redoing the arms on it before I will make a new slipcover for it.
Karen or Shirley or anyone out there.... suggestions for type of foam to use on the arms.... I think Shirley said bolster style but what kind of density to it will hold up under a lot of weight of feet and sitting on it.

Also nursing a case of either allergies or possibly bronchitis.....not much fun.

talk to all later

glad to have made it in the blog finally.

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